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Thailand glider club

Thailand Glider Club is a voluntary run organisation dedicated to improving Paragliding and Hangliding activities, for locals and visitors, within the Kingdom of Thailand.

The club was formed in 1988 from a few pioneering Thai pilots, Namely Suwat Hannarong (The first to fly a paraglider in Thailand) and Narint Lohathong (the second) plus a few other helpers, who have discovered all the flying sites now in Thailand. Now TGC hosts a President, Vice-presdent, secretary and various other officials. At the time of writing this, the club has over 50 flying local/visiting members.

TGC is liasing with Sport Flying Association Thailand (SFAT) who in turn report to Department of Aviation. In the future, when funds are available, TGC hopes to join the FAI

The club is currently working on a qualification scheme for student pilots that will be internationally recognised and there are plans for the first offical TGC school, clubhouse and shop.

Club Officials 2005
PRESIDENT - Oubaur Kruthanooch
VICE PRESIDENT - Supat Pitikarm
VICE PRESIDENT - Niphon Terkchareon
CLERK - Chalaikorn Morhatmat
SAFETY COMMITTEE - Mr. Philippe Gravelin
Thai (ภาษาไทย)English (United Kingdom)

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