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Paragliding is one of the few sports that can offer the freedom of the skies to soar like birds floating on thermals that take you places unimaginable on the ground, one of the major reasons for the sports popularity is the ease in which you can learn and the compact nature of the equipment.

  • Narint Lohathong
    One of the pioneer free flyers in Thailand.
    Tandem Paraglider and Paramotor pilot.
    Qualified in Australia as Hang Glider pilot
    and Japan as paragliding instructor.
    Now the honorary president of The Thailand Glider Club.
    Helps with the organisation of competitions and events in Thailand.

    Thai National and English speaker
    Tel: +66 38622030 Mob: +66 81-8152702
    email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .. traininghill albumn!

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Paragliding News

  • New Zealand paraglider plummets to his death

    Pictured: Paraglider's final moments before his chute failed and he plummeted to his death - slamming into the roof of a packed SCHOOL This is the last picture of a paraglider before he plummeted to his death after his parachute 'folded in half'. Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Mike Richards said the man landed on a roof of a building at Queenstown Primary School after launching from a gondola.

  • One dead in paraponter crash in Queenstown

    The person involved was understood to be a recreation pilot, and not a client or staff member of a local extreme sports company. Paraponters and paragliders often circle over the heavily forested Bob's Peak.

  • Ukiah police and fire log: Thursday, April 20, 2017

    The following were compiled from reports prepared by the Ukiah Police Department. To anonymously report crime information, call 463-6205.