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How to be member of Thaigliderclub

Membership to the TGC is compulsory if you want to fly at some sites in Thailand. It is not necessary to join for all the flying sites BUT it is strongly recommended to do so. To fly in Petchaburi and any new sites that TGC are developing you have to be a member.

With your membership you will get contact telephone numbers of people to contact in case of Emergencies or Landing disputes,access to TGC sites and future sites and a very nice membership card.

When you join the TGC you will be given a choice of 3 month, 1 year or Lifetime options.The longer you join the less expensive it becomes

3 months 300 Baht , 1 Year 1200 Baht , Lifetime 5000 Baht

All funds raised from the TGC memberships is directly put back into paragliding through site development and upkeep.

Print, Fill out and fax the FORM! to: +66 2-462-0699
and your membership will be prepared for your arrival.

Every members will recieve a "Member Kit" consist of :
1.Member Card
2."TGC" Logo's Sticker
3.Contour Map of Flying Site
4.One "TGC" Pilot's Logbook
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